Launch: DLC-Live resists the KPA at Sydney’s Homefront event

Just before this week’s podcast, the crew here at DLC-Live managed to infiltrate the Koren propaganda headquarters of the KPA in downtown Sydney. Stealthily passing two MPs, we dodged some cammo netting, made it past the buckets of beers and entered their base of operations. Uploading to the local server, we started to operate a resistance movement within the belly of the beast, all in the name of Homefront. After the usual meet and greet, we got down and dirty against other gaming brethren to have another taste of Homefront’s unique slant on multiplayer.

Gaming sure is tense under the watchful eye of the KPA.

Flying the flag (not ours unfortunately) for the US underground we had mixed response to the event as you can see above. Josh was happily surprised, Dave smouldered and Nachos just seems confused… poor bastard.

Things started to take a nasty turn when Josh jumped in front of a local MP busting for a piss. He had a short fuse and Josh nearly paid the ultimate price as Kotaku’s Mark Serrels and GameArena’s Junglist ignored his cries for help, turning a blind eye.

The situation worsened when Dave inquired if the guards’ mothers were free this weekend and if they were familiar with a technique known as the Harbour Bridge. Apparently they were and they were neither impressed nor pleased with the offer.

Turncoat Nachos Jong Justice Il showed his true colours, leaving the resistance movement and engaging in some chorus line shenanigans with his new brothers in arms, literally.

At the end of the day, a treaty was signed calling an end to hostilities. We took off with goody bags in tow and geared up to take Homefront out for a spin. We’d like to thank Hoops and Oxford from THQ for yet another fantastic event and copies of the game.

For those of you after our thoughts on Homefront, expect a review up by the end of the week and be sure to tune into the Live show next Tuesday at 8pm (AEST) for our in depth coverage of both the single and multiplayer components.

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  • Anonymous

    Must have been tense, I can see Nachos having some sweaty pits there…

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to your guys review on the game.