Interview: We get the lowdown on Brink with Richard Ham

Keeping the run from my superb trip to LA going, here’s the awesome interview with Splash Damage’s creative director, the enigmatic Richard Ham. In this animated interview we got down to brass tacks on Brink’s storyline duality, with some interesting takes on mission structure. We discussed the uselessness of a sniper class and then he broke down in depth the overlooked specialist class, that of the Operative. With all manner of fantastic perks at is disposal, he is the infiltrator, the spy and prefers to go it alone, almost at odds with Brink’s core teamwork driven values.

Here’s a wee taste of what Richard had to say.

“The interesting thing about the Operative is that all the other classes have way to immediately reach out and touch their team-mates with buffs. The Operative doesn’t. He moves as a lone wolf. In a game like Brink, where we really focus on ways for guys to play together and stick together, the Operative is there for the guys that think, I just want to get away from all you people, you’re crowding me, give me my personal space. So he’s supposed to be out there by himself.”

To check out the interview in its entirety, click through to GameArena here…

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