Review: ‘Rock’ on with Faster

When Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made the transition from WWE sports entertainer to action hero, I felt assured that he would swiftly be inducted into the Ass Kicking Hall of Fame making Arnie and Sly his bitches as he took the title of Most Awesomest Killingest Machine of All-Time. However, fate is a cruel mistress and dealt his career a savage blow as he instead became the champion of Disney fodder, using his massive frame to race kiddies to mountains, or explain the concept of the tooth fairy (oh, the sweet sweet irony) or other such nonsense. The future is looking brighter, though, with his return to the fold in the dark revenge flick Faster.

After checking it out the other night, all I can say is that The Rock is back, baby!

“After a bank robbery goes south, wheelman Driver (Johnson) is set up, left for dead in a pool of his brother’s blood and incarcerated. Ten long years in prison leave him with but one festering thought in his head: Revenge. Cold, calculated retribution against those he feels have wronged him and his family. From the moment he leaves the penitentiary he’s on a mission, evident as he sprints out of the gates to his waiting muscle car and six-shooter. Peeling out, he hits his destination and administers a dose of his righteous justice, eliminating one of the conspirators wordlessly in a crowded office, before moving on to shuffle the remainder off their mortal coil.”

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