Review: Once more into Breach, dear friends… HELL NO!

After talking it up so much on the podcast and with my love of first person shooters and destructible environments common knowledge, Breach turned out to be such a damned disappointment. From the quirky physics, rogue planks and brick just hanging around, and lets not get started on the atrocious latency issues. Like a sixteen year old losing her virginity on prom night, I’ve never been so let down so quickly and utterly. I tried to find some glimmer of hope, some silver lining, but all I felt was overwhelming despair. If I’d payed for it, I would be damn near ropeable.

Much like the above image, I felt like throwing myself on a live grenade rather than continue.

“For an online shooter, the amount of lag, other latency issues and difficultly merely joining a match in progress is beyond a joke. Playing on Xbox Live Arcade I’m always inclined to give a certain amount of leeway for connection issues – especially if there’s no direct ‘matchmake based on region’ option. Throughout the course of a week or so, I tried countless times to jump into a Quick Match. Sounds simple enough on paper, doesn’t it? In reality I’d get kicked, it would flat out refuse to connect, or I’d arrive to a host migration screen, that more often than not, would boot me back to the main menu. Not the most auspicious of beginnings.”

To read by piece by piece destruction of Breach, click through to my GameArena review here…

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i was extremely disappointed with the demo, after watching some vids and gameplay i was fairly hyped for it, but that changed pretty fast after my first match…If you can get one.
    Everyone was just sitting in cover and popping out now and then to shoot, the map was massive…Massively empty.

    It’s like they tried to make a econo version of Battlefield, and theres nothing wrong with trying, but trying and succeeding are always miles apart.

  • QuesterX

    “If I’d payed for it, I would be damn near ropeable.”

    I did and I am.