Video: Gotta get that boom boom boom with Breach

The other day, my esteemed website colleague Sir Nachos Justice brought this spectacular wee title to my attention. Considering the outspoken love the guys here at DLC have for shooters with destructible environments, I’m shocked (Cotton) that this is the first I’ve heard of the new XBLA and PC exclusive online only shooter, Breach. Atomic Games is tossing together what we all love about Battlefield: Bad Company 2, namely making walls and cover go bye-bye, and then expanding on it considerably. Literally everything can go boom depending on the weaponry at hand; brickwork, cover, ceilings, support struts, the whole shebang baby!

This modern day shooter will add a new dimension to digital warfare by allowing you to interact with your environment like never before. Got some camper on the second level of a building? Pop a rocket through the ceiling and erase his sorry arse. Notice that balcony above a dude manning a .50Cal? Shoot out the supports and bring it crashing down on top of him. It’s all about thinking outside the box, and we’re totally down with that.

This new trailer shows off the modern day gadgetry at your disposal, such as the sonic imager and motion sensor, giving Breach its signature style and flair, and makes this one very exciting title to watch.

Stay tuned. More to come on this puppy, fo’ sho!

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