Video: Fight for What You Crave, liberty and freedom in Homefront

Ok. So perhaps the title is just a tad misleading, but it is a refreshing change to see developers admitting the obvious product placement does have reasoning behind it, other than a grab for dollars, but I digress… Here’s the skinny. A united Korea has invaded the good ol’ US of A (they even have contributor The Yank held hostage) and things are looking mighty grim. In the vein of the PS2 classic Freedom Fighters the civilian populace takes up arms and rises against their oppressors, engaging in guerrilla warfare to fan the flames of rebellion.

In this latest developer diary, the Homefront crew dish the dirt on the choices behind their characters, the need for real product placement (including skirmishes outside fast food chains like White Castle), the distinct weaponry and delve a little into the back story of certain resistance leaders.

With dedicated servers announced for multi-player, even in Australia (hoo-fucking-ray), come March 11, it’s time to get a little Kim Jong-Ill!

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Dave Kozicki

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