Video: Bulletstorm “Believes” in lampooning die-o-ramas

As the beginning of 2011 starts to bring the heat, February is shaping up to be an impressive month of gaming, with many titles duking it out for early shooter honours. While several contenders looking the business, my money’s on Bulletstorm with a crazy premise, balls out action and a multi-player that looks like it just won’t quit. It’s like an unashamedly B-grade movie that revels in getting back to its roots… and just having some goddamned fun for a change. The latest trailer embraces this feel as it takes the piss out of the “Believe” trailer released for Halo 3.

Following a moment frozen in time, we see the aftermath of a night on the piss for Grayson Hunt and get a little more of a tease of what Bulletstorm has on the cards for February. Enjoy!

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Dave Kozicki

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