Video: Brink’s new gunplay trailer is sweet music to the ears

As the IV drip, drip, drip of information on Brink keeps trickling out, I’m wondering why it isn’t registering higher on the industry’s radar? I’ve followed it, played it, interviewed its developers several times and love what Splash Damage is bringing to the table. CEO Paul Wedgwood’s competitive PC gaming background, coupled with great freedom of movement and Art Director Olivier Leonardi’s decidedly French take on the design are all winners in my book. Add the team objective based gameplay with eight player drop-in/drop out and there’s enough on the plate to make the most jaded gamer stand up and take notice.

The Choir of Guns” trailer illustrates the blood soaked symphony that accompanies the ballistics ballet as the sounds of the battlefield are revealed with each and every gun an instrument of destruction playing to its own unique tune. It’s one of developers’ key focuses, with even the well worn weaponry of the Resistance giving off a grittier sound, opposed to the maintained and polished crispness of the Security’s arsenal. The more I see it, the more I want it, and I predict many gamers backpedaling to get their hands on this guaranteed sleeper hit.

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Dave Kozicki

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