Screens: Will next gen No More Heroes score another touchdown?

Those of you who have never sampled the No More Heroes franchise on the Wii are missing out, big time, for four important reasons; (a) You get to save your progress on the toilet, and who hasn’t wanted to do that, aye? (b) Your character has perhaps the coolest name out there, Travis Touchdown (c) You recharge your wicked Beam Katana by waggling the Wii-mote in an act that could only be described as masturbatory-like, and (d) it’s brought to you by the demented demon known as Suda 51, the brains behind the underrated killer7 and the upcoming Shadows of the DAMNED.

It should be no surprise that I’m a fan of Suda 51, and this series in general. Anything on this level of bat-shit insanity is a win in my book. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, aside from being one helluva mouthful, is the next gen port mash-up of the previously Wii only titles, with a glossy new graphics upgrade and utilises the PlayStation Move functionality (can’t wait to see people playing it sans controller on Kinect!).

The title is out Q2 this year and here’s a few new screens to tease and delight till then.

You should see it after I’ve charged it up (unzipping sound)

There can be only one!

Alice’s sister was well pissed she didn’t even score a cameo in Madness Returns…

Green screen this, bitch!

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