Review: Russell Crowe is back in The Next Three Days

Ever since the release of Gladiator over a decade ago, I’ve been a firm believer in the acting prowess of Russell ‘fightin’ round the world’ Crowe. Sure, he’s done a couple of dud films between  then and now but, for the most part, he continues to show that he has the acting chops to carry a film. The Next Three days is an under-the-radar film written and directed by the rather talented Paul Haggis (y’know, the guy who wrote/directed Crash) that has Crowe playing an everyday man who’s forced to take extraordinary measures to reunite his family.I found it incredibly difficult to judge this film objectively as I was still reeling from the awesomeness otherwise known as The Fighter; but this is by no means a slight at The Next Three Days which is still a solid, albeit slow-burn, film.

“The next day, John and Lara are going through what seems to be the regular morning routine: John plays with his son, Luke, at the breakfast table, while Lara is multitasking as only a mother can, trying to make sure the day is off to a good start. Not long after their family self-portrait—an apparent daily task introduced by Lara—police officers burst through the front door and arrest Lara, claiming she is wanted for the murder of her boss.”

If you want to read the rest of the review, check it out in all of its NSFW goodness right here on Australian Penthouse.

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