Review: Medal of Honor (multiplayer)

Contrary to popular opinion, I, Sir Nachos Justice, have not been sitting around sipping delicious Pina Coladas on an exotic beach. Alas, no, I have been indisposed with much less interesting things such as the sometimes arduous task of making money. This may help to explain why this Medal of Honor multiplayer review is a wee bit on the late side. Regardless, if you’re thinking about delving into the online arena for DICE’s latest FPS efforts, you may want to read this review first, lest you find yourself met with a rather nasty shock if you’re expecting Bad Company 2.5.Note to DICE: when you have a fantastic multiplayer engine that is capable of epic destructibility, don’t take that away for other titles lest you get gamers’ hopes up and send them crashing back down to the ground (which is the only thing that will be sent crashing down to the ground in Medal of Honor’s multiplayer).

“While the closed multiplayer beta was extremely underwhelming, the recent release of the short-lived open beta made Medal of Honor’s multiplayer potentially appealing again. Particularly considering how addictive Bad Company 2 is, I was really looking forward to losing some hours in the online portion of Medal of Honor. DICE has tried to find a happy middle ground between the fast-paced and ‘deatmatchy’ nature of the Call of Duty games, and the play modes/team-based emphasis of Bad Company 2.”

To read the rest of the review you’ll want to scroll down through the single-player portion (or read it if you haven’t already read my DLC review here) until you get to the quoted paragraph above. Thanks again to AusGamers for letting us link through to the review here.

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