Review: Get your stealth on in Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money

Mere months after making the Mojave your bitch and drinking in every delicious mouthful Fallout: New Vegas had to offer, down to the last drop, comes a refill with a distinctly new flavour. Come get a taste of the first batch of almost stand alone DLC as you grab three partners in crime and set off to bust the Sierra Madre Casino vault wide open in Dead Money. Joined at the neck, via sensitive explosive devices, you and your ragtag group of misfits will work together to negotiate the villa, infiltrate the casino, avoid the pesky holographic sentries and Ghosts and make off with the loot, before your untimely and explosive communal decapitation.

Get too close to a speaker or radio and your head will boom, shake, shake, shake the room… be wary of the tick, tick, tick, tick, boom! But enough of my yammering on. Toss yer peepers onto the exert from my AusGamers review below.

“After picking up a mysterious broadcast, beckoning like a siren’s song, you find yourself in a secret bunker in search of the fabled fortune and glory of the Sierra Madre Casino. A face full of gaseous Rohypnol robs you of your companions, weapons and leaves you naked as a jaybird with only a newly administered dynamite bit of jewelry wrapped around your throat. You’ve been forcibly recruited by Father Elijah, Ocean’s Eleven style, for the heist of the century. But this isn’t New Vegas. The Sierra Madre has its own unique dangers, adversaries and security. Looks like both you, and Papa’s got a brand new bag.”

Would you like to know more? Sure you would! Read the full review  here…

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