Review: Get the buzz on The Green Hornet

They say any press is good press, but the general feeling surrounding this project since its inception has been less than positive. Willing to give all parties the benefit of the doubt, I remained positive, thinking that if we got a glimpse of the weird, quirky and surprisingly bad-arse Seth Rogen from Observe and Report (yeah, I liked it, so sue me) it’d be on the right track. Unfortunately I put my faith in the wrong man, with Jay Chou’s surprisingly decent rendition of Kato and Michel Gondry’s take on the action genre the more interesting elements of this film.

Seth Rogen has his moments, but the pure obnoxiousness of his version of Britt Reid makes it difficult for the audience to relate of feel any empathy towards his character, and considering Cameron Diaz is the supposed love interest, that’s saying something.

“Unfortunately, the weakest link in The Green Hornet is Seth Rogen himself. By juggling dual roles of writing (with Superbad and Pineapple Express co-writer Evan Goldberg) and acting, one very important factor seems to have fallen by the wayside, likeability. Britt Reid is a self-centred child, using belittlement and insults as his weapons of choice to pull focus away from his own inadequacies and by taking away any hint of charm, you care very little for his plight.”

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