Review: Get more zom nom noming in Dead Rising 2: Case West

Ever since the magnificent Shaun of the Dead taught us that the best weapon against a zombie horde is inappropriate laughter (and perhaps a sturdy cricket bat), the undead or infected have gotten just a tad less scary. When Dead Rising hit a few years later, we learned about MacGyvering weapons as you slaughtered them by the thousands, wearing any number of swanky outfits as you applied a hot frying pan to their faces. The much anticipated sequel arrived late last year and though it didn’t solve many of the niggling gripes of the franchise, it did take a step in the right direction in getting the formula right.

The final batch of DLC known as Case West is a co-op adventure with the protagonists of each incarnation of the series teaming up to eradicate the growing zombie horde, and get some answers. It’s Greene meets West in a battle of half-wits to see who can take the title of undead slayer supreme.

“After a bit of fast-talking by Chuck to convince Frank he is, in fact, not the herald of the zombie apocalypse, West reveals a tip about a nearby Phenotran (the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Zombrex) facility, and the dynamic duo set off to investigate. It’s quite a neat concept, waiting for juicy nuggets of information from your source marking the main missions. By setting the two up against the clock in a sealed facility, it feels completely different to the open-air areas of Still Creek in DR2: Case Zero and is one of several subtle differences.”

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