Review: Due Date

When it comes to movie genres, comedy has to be the most divisive. If you don’t buy into the humour of a film from the outset, you generally won’t be laughing along with those who do by the end. It’s difficult to judge comedy objectively because who really cares how gorgeous the cinematography is, how rousing the score may be and how star-studded the cast is if it fails to make you laugh? Sure, there are examples of comedies that are widely panned and should have been aborted long before they hit cinemas, but Due Date is one that has been conceived.There was certainly a fair share of laughs from the other audience members during my time with Due Date, but it is ultimately a confused film, trying to walk a line between deadly serious and outrageous that never quite feels right.

“On paper Due Date looks like a strong comedy combination. Robert Downey Jr., has fantastic comedic timing, Zack Galifianakis put in a stellar over-the-top performance in the recently released Dinner for Schmucks and it has adult-comedy veteran Todd Phillips (The HangoverOld SchoolRoad Trip) at the reigns. Throw in some cameos from the likes of Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx and the ever-awesome Danny McBride, and the comedic potential is high.”

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