Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

It’s not exactly a secret that The Hombres that make up DLC have raging geek erections for the multiplayer mayhem otherwise known as Bad Company 2. For me, Bad Company 2 has achieved an amazing multiplayer feat: capturing my near-exclusive online attention since March 2010. Even the release of the highly anticipated Black Ops was only a minor setback in what is otherwise a glorious addiction. But now, almost a year after the release of Bad Company 2, comes an expansion pack that changes the beloved formula considerably.Bad Company 2 Vietnam is an infantry-focussed slugfest that makes some interesting (and stupid) choices with the Frostbite engine with some strangely addictive results.

“But it’s not just the clock that’s been wound back. DICE has taken a risky move and vastly scaled back the aforementioned point of difference (destructibility) to the point where it’s almost unnoticeable. Yeah, you can still destroy fences and mow down trees, but there is an absence of multi-storey buildings that can be satisfyingly brought down on an enemy squad with a healthy dose of explosive goodness.”

To read the entire review in all its gory detail, jump over to our friends from AusGamers who are holding the rest of the words here.

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