Review: Bale will win an Oscar for The Fighter

Aside from the travesty otherwise known as Terminator Salvation, I’m a Bale fanboy through and through. The man can do no wrong, and whether he’s turning up the heat in Reign of Fire, showing his darker side as The Dark Knight or injecting some magic into The Prestige, he’s an on-screen tour de force. And while he may have been snubbed by Oscar oversights in the past–his performances in American Psycho, The Machinist and Rescue Dawn spring to mind–he’s finally on the shortlist for a golden-man statue.And it’s about bloody time. I had the pleasure of seeing The Fighter late last year but was sworn to secrecy up until recently. We’re only in January, but it’s already looking like my film of the year… yup, it’s THAT good. Stop umming and erring, just go see it.

“From the get-go, the audience is introduced to sibling protagonists: Dickie Eklund (Bale) loves to be the centre of attention, running off at the mouth to a HBO documentary crew about his half-brother Micky’s (Wahlberg) chances in the ring as a comeback fighter, with the more sedate Micky graciously silent throughout his brother’s manic ramblings.”

To read the rest of my enamoured ramblings, check out the rest of my NSFW review here at Australian Penthouse.

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