News: Xbox360 gamers get ‘First Strike’ at Black Ops map packs

I’ve made it no secret how I feel about Call of Duty, and the prepubescent internet “tough guys” that populate its multiplayer component. I hate it, them and their infantile gaming mentality, or at least I used to. At Nachos Justice’s behest, kicking and screaming, I finally engaged COD: Black Ops for a dose of Capture the Flag with several members of the DLC Crew last night. After months of hurling abuse I’ve changed my tune and have to say, I loved it. While it still does have a solid camper element, the faster pacing and smaller maps were a blast. Yep. That’s right. I’m flip-flopping, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to do so.

Right around the corner (1st of Feb to be precise) is the release of the first batch of DLC for COD: Black Ops called ‘First Strike’, a five map pack consisting of four brand spanking puppies to add to the multiplayer mix; Berlin Wall, Kowloon, Stadium and Discovery, and a new zombie battleground set in a Russian cosmodrome called Ascension. Ascension will debut enemies like Space Monkeys (insert obligatory Fight Club reference here), as well as a host of new weaponry and perks.

The trailer gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s in store, and for the first time I can honestly say, I’m excited at the thought of hitting up some Black Ops online.

Keep your eyes peeled for our thoughts on First Strike shortly after it hits XBLA.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    welcome to the team!

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute, is this the same Dave that was ragging on ‘Dawg and I for playing ‘an inferior shooter’ and that we should be playing Bad Company 2? Fess up, who are you and what did you do with the real Dave?

  • Anonymous

    we kidnapped and brainwashed him lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m still here. Actually, I’m behind you, thanks for your dog-tags ;p
    Lets just be clear now… I said it was filled with camping muthufuckers, and it surely is, I only play CTF, and only with peeps I know and trust to watch my back as I skedaddle away with the flag and +250XP

  • Anonymous

    Damn! I kinda liked new Dave :P

  • Anonymous

    Whew…my back sure is sore from carrying your sorry ass….

    Seriously, awesome fun playing with you and Nathan.