News: We welcome aboard “The Grizz”!

Today marks a proud moment for DLC-Live. A moment etched in history as we add to our ranks a beard without equal. A beard that beat Chuck Norris into submission, shoved Gandalf’s wizard stick up his arse and had its owner immortalised as Dusty in the reboot of Medal of Honor (true story). Lets delve a little deeper, behind the beard. This enigma has worked on, edited Ultimate Nintendo magazine and currently lends his skills to Official PlayStation and Game Informer magazines. Ten points if you know who I’m talking about…

That’s right campers, Adam “The Grizz” Mathew is a proud new addition to the crew here at DLC-Live, offering his unique point of view, expertise and opinions whenever we can twist his arm enough to take the time out of his hectic schedule.

An unashamed Mike Haggar lover, The Grizz’s work can be found the world over, often making the interwebs his bitch as he serenades your brainhole and ensnares your mind with his sweet sweet wordings.

Our lure of fortuneless glory was too hard to resist and he eventually succumbed to the temptation. Well, it was either that or continue to receive daily emails from an undisclosed member of DLC-Live.

He kicks off with a sterling opinion piece on the possibilities opened by Kinect that can be found by clicking here and we look forward to seeing what else he brings to the table.

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Dave Kozicki

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    Is this the start of a new “Ask Haggar” section?