News: Duke Nukem Forever release date and kick-ass trailer

We all thought of it as some kind of cosmic joke, a project that would never ever come to fruition and remain the stuff of rumour and legend. When the perpetual cock-tease known as Duke Nukem Forever hit the gaming world with the force of a hurricane last year, it left us with a myriad of mixed emotions. Joy, exuberance, in-trepidation and fear all washed over in equal doses as we all wondered how much longer we’d have to wait for the return of the King, and would it truly be worth it. Early this morning we got our answer, with a surprisingly close release date and an ever so “Duke” trailer to go along with it.

The trailer below breaks down everything about the Mayor of Whoop-ass, the Patron Saint of Strippers and Herald of Hookers and the returning alien menace. The big shocker was the May 6th, 2011 shipping date on PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

The long freakin’ wait is over, with only a few short months to go. Till then, take a second to gaze upon the cigar chompingest, ass-kickingest, misogynist, maniliest man to ever grace a video game cover!

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Dave Kozicki

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