News: Comicvania is the Reese’s Pieces of pop culture combos

Among my travels through the interwebsiverse (yep, it’s  word), I stumbled upon this little gem of a mash-up. The industrious chaps at have taken the best of two worlds (not the poxy game… shudder) and smashed them bad boys together. In the tradition of the classic newspaper comic strip, they’ve used gaming screen grabs as their backgrounds and added a slightly wrong edge to it. It should be of no surprise that it floats my boat, as it should appeal to anyone with a slightly warped sense of humour. The site is in its infancy, launching at the end of last year, but I really dig what I’ve seen so far.

Lampooning all manner of gaming icons, no-one is safe, be it Chris Redfield and Shiva Alomar from Resident Evil 5, War and Ulthane from Darksiders, Shank and Falcone from the arcade classic Shank, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry… even the Predator catches a zing.

The site is regularly updated and I’ll happily repost anything I see that gets my belly aching and sides splitting.

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Dave Kozicki

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