News: Beyond Good and Evil HD incoming on PSN and XBLA

Late 2003 one of the greatest games of last gen hit shelves to an incredibly underwhelming response, going out with a whimper rather than a bang. Garnering critical acclaim and high review scores didn’t pay the dividends Ubisoft had hoped for fiscally, and the cinematic gaming masterpiece Beyond Good and Evil was left wanting and waiting, relegated to the bargain bins to be uncovered by discerning gamers on the hunt for buried treasure. When footage was leaked of the supposed sequel, I was reacquainted with my love for this title, and began shouting its praises from the rooftops… it appears my cries haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

Back for another shot at gaming glory comes the gloriously remastered Beyond Good and Evil HD, invading your XBLA or PSN before March’s end this year! Boasting a gripping plot, semi open world, varied gameplay and endearing characters, this is cinematic gaming at its best. If you’ve never taken BG&E for a test drive, you’re in for a treat.

To see what I’m babbling on about, click on the teaser below and get a sample of what it has to offer.

You won’t be disappointed.

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