Video: Akiyama is a fool for love in Yakuza 4

If you’re not familiar with the Yakuza franchise, consider it a Japanese take on the Grand Theft Auto series, with more evolution. The first three adventures have followed a single protagonist, and each have a decidedly wacky Nippon slant to them (no pun intended). Yakuza 4 shakes things up by continuing the story, but giving you not one, nor two, nor three, but FOUR different personas to get acquainted with. The crux of gameplay has always rested on laying the smack down on anything that gets in your way and giving you a ridiculous number of side activities to distract yourself with.

As depicted above one of the four playable characters, Akiyama, is a man of the people, getting his drink on with some delightfully entertaining homeless chaps. He’s also lead by his little head as he takes it to the mean streets of Tokyo to get the 100 million Yen he needs to prove his love to the apple of his eye, and destroyer of his wallet.

Will true love prevail, or will his lady friend empty his heart and his pockets?

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Dave Kozicki

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