Review: Tron: Evolution fails the Darwinian test

Technically Tron: Evolution isn’t a movie tie-in, being a video game bridge between the 1982 film Tron, and the about to hit cinemas Tron Legacy. This point and distinction is moot as it doesn’t stop it from succumbing to the stereotype of the genre, namely being shit. There’s no other way to put it. I went into this title with hope, slight and faltering, yet hope none-the-less and was ultimately disappointed. Like a sleight of hand magician performing illusions (not tricks, only whores do those), Propaganda Games distract you with a dazzling light show and resort to chicanery to get this rushed out and barely over the line.

In my virgin review for the unreal local site AusGamers, I break down the pitfalls of this severe let down.

“For the most part, it’s a mesh of simple platforming made hard, brief distractions with light cycles and tanks, and combat against aggressive programs that want to reduce you down to source code… The rest of your time will be spent platforming and consequently cursing. Jumping between platforms and walls isn’t at all as smooth as it should be; ignoring tried and tested conventions… After working my way through the same section 10 or so times, it began to wear a little thin and I wanted to grab my disc and derezz myself.”

To get the goods on the rest of the review, click through to it here…

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Dave Kozicki

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