Review: Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Considering the bile that is usually released under the guise of kid’s flicks, I’m constantly surprised at what is considered a “quality” film, and how many crap movies hit big at the box office. The Chronicles of Narnia series, be it the books they’re based on or the three adaptations to hit the big screen thus far set themselves apart by hiding mature, adult concepts beneath the family friendly veneer. They remind me more of a Japanese take on the children’s genre, more akin in spirit to the great works of Hayao Miyazaki rater than something about warrior owls or some other such tripe.

I have no qualms in admitting, I’m a fan, and though a little dark to bring the very young to, the moral message beneath will resonate with kids of all ages.

“This journey has a distinctly different feel from the previous outings, namely due to most of the action taking place on water, but the focus is more on the human struggles, both internal and external, rather than populated with all manner of wondrous Narnian creatures. Lucy comes to terms with her jealously towards her sister. Edmund learns to not live in the shadow of others and the annoying little pipsqueak Eustace comes to understand sacrifice for the greater good, all surprisingly adult concepts for a “kids” film.”

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