Review: Family Guy presents It’s a Trap!

When the first Family Guy inspired Star Wars satire Blue Harvest dropped in 2008, no-one knew what they were in store for. Lucas’ trilogy (he only made three films after all) is ripe for satire with many comedies happily firing shots across his turkey necked bow. They followed with Something Something Something Darkside and proved lightning could indeed strike twice, and even improve when it hits the right mark. Now we come to the end of the series with It’s a Trap! and all are wondering, was The Force strong with this one a third and final time?

Sadly, the answer is a resounding no. While it does have its moments, it seems a lot more hastily slapped together than their previous efforts and becomes quite a hit and miss affair.

It’s a Trap! boasts some knee-slapping moments but, when compared with the two previous films, its skit elements resemble a series of random Return of the Jedi-inspired skits as opposed to the expected retelling. While self deprecation by the writers–filling the rolling text opening sequence with disclaimers about how they had run out of characters–may grab a giggle from the audience, fans have come to expect more.”

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    it sucked