Review: Does Tron: Legacy live up to its pedigree?

After recently revisiting the early Eighties cult flick Tron, in preparation for this review, I found it hard to repress a giggle at what was then considered cutting edge technology. The computer generated graphics were visionary at the time, but seem laughable by modern standards, as did the notions of password protection for the Master Control Program or MCP, with the actual password, I shit you not, “Master”. Still, there’s something charming and endearing about the original and, in turn, even the much larger scoped sequel, Tron: Legacy.

Dealing with significantly larger issues and wrapped in a magnificent combination of glassy special effects and traditional model miniatures, Tron: Legacy is visually arresting, as are the tighter than their own circuitry clad vixens that inhabit The Grid.

Tron: Legacy is very different to Tron in look, content and tone. The computer programs provide allegories for genocide and even religious and messianic complexes. Debut director Joseph Kosinski presents a great eye, one well honed from his experience with television commercials (particularly within the gaming industry, garnering praise for his Halo 3 advert Starry Night and the award-winning Mad World for Gears of War).”

That’s right, the guy that brought us the memorable first Gears of War trailer is in the director’s seat. For the full, unabridged review, check out the NSFW link here…

For more Tron related stuff take your light cycle over to my Tron: Evolution review, the video game that allegedly (Jeff) bridges the gap between the 1982 classic and the newly released sequel. You’ll find the review here.

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