Opinion: Top Ten Franchises of this Generation (part II)

A couple of days ago, we gave our opinionated US correspondent, The Yank, an opportunity to give us his top ten picks for this generation’s best franchises, and decided to split it up into two parts to heighten the tension, and, we’ll be honest, steal a couple of extra hits from you guys (part I can be found here). Note that by his own admission, he doesn’t consider the Wii a next gen console, nor handhelds, nor the ever evolving PC/Mac camps… Whew! Talk about disclaimers! Without further adieu we count down the remaining five.

5.  Gears of War – Every third-person shooter since the original Gears of War has “borrowed” many of its traits.  Mainly, the idea of a cover based system. Other features included the active reload, the Lancer which was an assault rifle with a chainsaw bayonet, the Crimson Omen, roadie run and of course Horde mode. All of these created two of the most action packed games this generation. Yes, the voice acting is terrible and the story goes to Crazytown pretty quickly, but if you want to get your kill on then you can’t do much better than the Gear of War series. Cole Train, bitch!

4.  Left 4 Dead – If you have online on your Xbox, then go and play these games. They have an uncanny ability to hit you with oh shit moment after oh shit moment. The original makes playing as survivors pretty fun, but the sequel gives the player a chance to play as the infected. The fun factor is this series is off the charts and should be experienced by everyone. Plus, they’re made by Valve so you know its good.

PS, Sorry Australia – you got dicked on the sequel. [You’re not sorry – ko-zee-ii]

3.  Borderlands – “This is where the cars live.”

This one I cheated on, it’s not a series…technically. Though, with the inclusion of four DLCs, it can be argued Borderlands has more content in one game then most games have in a series. Yes, Borderlands is my favorite game of this generation so I was going to do whatever it took to put it on the list. With the success of the original, there is little doubt that a sequel is on the way.  What number comes after Brazillion? [Pfft, Brazillion and one obviously and the sequel has been confirmed- ko-zee-ii]

2.   Uncharted – The only PlayStation exclusive on the list, Uncharted can’t be ignored by even an Xbox fanboy like myself. Action, adventure and enemies that can take shotgun blasts to the face and still live. Yeah, the games aren’t perfect but Drake is great protagonist and his adventures should be played by anyone with a PS3.

1.   Mass Effect – The sole reason Mass Effect is the best series of this generation is the sequel. It comes as close to perfection as any game I’ve ever played. The story, the characters, the hook-up with Miranda, all of this makes Mass Effect 2 the game of this generation. The first one had so much promise and at the time was brilliant. Hindered by terrible team AI and super long elevator rides, the original doesn’t hold up quite like I thought it would. None of that mattered, though, when Bioware released its masterpiece, Mass Effect 2. In 2011, a new patch of gamers will be able to travel the universe when ME2 comes to PS3. Mass Effect is easily the best thing to happen to this generation and I hope the third entry to the series is able to live up to the standard that has been set thus far.

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