Opinion: Top Ten Franchises of this Generation (part I)

If you’re like me, you always get the newest console as soon as it’s out. This current generation of gaming started for me the day after Thanksgiving when my Xbox 360 came to my door, finally being delivered from Amazon. Even in its infancy, the 360 provided many classic games. Now that this current gen has just turned five years old, I thought I would reflect on the best franchises of this generation. My list only includes console games as I personally don’t consider handheld games to be current gen. Also, sorry Wii fans but you won’t find a Wii exclusive on my list. I don’t own a Wii so I couldn’t play most, if not all, games from that console.

10.  Dead Rising Urban Dictionary, the Merriam-Webster of Ebonics,  defines Jank as something that is Wack, Messed up, Bullshit, unfair. No other word fairly describes just how I feel about this oh so Japanese game. The save system is broken, the time limit sucks, the load times are laughable and the boss battles are downright evil, but for all of the shortcomings killing hordes of zombies is both fun and satisfying. Dead Rising chainsaws its way to number 10.

9.  Rock Band – I love plastic instruments. There I said it! At my house for about 6 months, Rock Band and later Rock Band 2 were the party games to end all party games. Everyone sat around drinking beer and watched colored notes fall down the screen. Real drummers beat the skins and real singers rocked the mic, it was nothing short of putting on a real concert for friends. Now with Rock Band 3, I can happily say that the formula has been perfected and the music genre can move on. Though, for a short period of my life, I was in a band that could totally play Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive and isn’t that what life’s all about?

8.  Modern Warfare – Yes, I know Call of Duty didn’t originate this generation yet, we all know Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 could be and should be considered a different series. My favorite video game moment still comes from the original Modern Warfare, One Shot One Kill. Being able to use the .50 Cal to assassinate Imran Zakhaev is nothing less than brilliant. Watching the bullet travel across the screen, finally hitting its target is sublime and gives the player such gratification. Sadly, the sequel was more about multi-player and less about story but I still hold both in high regard. Of course, selling countless millions of copies doesn’t hurt either.

7.  Bioshock – There was a moment in time when Bioshock was the single greatest game I had ever played and as perfect as I thought a game could be. The story, the characters, the combat and the twist all had me from the moment I entered Rapture. I remember beating the game and immediately starting over, this time I wanted to get the “correct” ending. When I heard about a sequel, I hesitated to gave it a chance. After finally caving to my curiosity I found Bioshock 2 to be a great game. Granted, it didn’t have the impact of the original but improved the combat enough to make me finish the game. Here’s to the hope that Infinite is as good as I think it will be.

6.  Assassin’s Creed – The first Assassin’s Creed isn’t a great game looking back on it. Actually, AC is the most repetitive game I know of. Basically, there are three mission types and you do them so often that I recommend players skip the game all together. So how could I put the Assassin’s Creed series into my top ten with an almost unplayable first game? Easy. The next two games are freaking brilliant. The newest, Brotherhood is by far the best in the series. Taking guild management to a level where when not playing the game, all I thought about was playing again. The guild stuff fits in perfectly and with the risk/reward system of sending assassins to do your dirty work, it forces the player to weigh in on their options. Twenty hours in and the game still says I am only 40% done, so expect to really invest some time knocking this title out.

So what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?

Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned for part II in the next few days when The Yank lets us know his top pick for Top Franchise of this Generation.

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  • Anonymous

    I like the list, not sure about dead rising tho. Also you forgot about PC :P

  • Anonymous

    I can totally understand why you wouldn’t agree with Dead Rising. It’s a busted game, but I still really enjoy it. Also, I don’t consider PC to be current gen. It evolves with time but it’s have a clean arch from generation to generation. Again, that’s just my opinion.

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