News: Fallout: New Vegas DLC – ‘Dead Money’ imminent

After finally taming the Mojave, (well, actually making it and every faction my bitch, to be more precise, thank you Yes Man) with nearly 75 hours in New Vegas under my belt, you’d think that I’d be inclined to take a break from Fallout. Not so. Not even bloody close. Considering the hit and miss affair the downloadable content attached to Fallout 3 was, Obsidian Entertainment is taking a different tack with Fallout: New Vegas. Following with the gangster motif, and borrowing a little from Ocean’s Eleven comes the first batch of DLC, titled ‘Dead Money’.

An explosive collar wrapped around your neck is all the incentive you need to take the job on. Your mission? Work with your three new companions (also with explodey thingies on their necks linked to yours) to break into the Sierra Madre vault and liberate its contents for your new boss. The trailer below showcases new enemies, an encapsulated environment that triggers your stylish new necktie, and a communal life, so if one of your compadres goes boom, you all go BOOM! I’m digging the distinct shift in tone and can’t wait to give it a whirl when it drops tomorrow (on Xbox 360 only), though there’s been no mention if this will have the raise in level cap patch we’ve all been waiting for. I’ll post more details as I gets them.

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