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After months and months of arguments, heated words, heavy clashes, debates and outright abuse (mainly from me), the DLC-Crew Leaderboard battle for supremacy has drawn to a close for 2010. To be fair, the majority of the abuse came courtesy of yours truly, but still, the battle for the top spot and bragging rights was tough. After a final PS3 round sure to have fireworks between Dawg and Moops, Dawg had to bow out when BFBC2 dropped a near 2Gb patch mere days before the final contest. That said, the final round shaped up as follows.

The goal of each player in this last PS3 round was to basically stop Moops. His victory was a foregone conclusion, but I still made it my mission to make it as tough and abuse filled as possible for him to get over the line. The bastard still managed to take out the top spot, with Guin564 a bee’s dick behind him and Nyyus picking up third. Myself and Itchy Soul shared fourth place with Adin and Forbyn collecting the wooden spoon.

The final PS3 Leaderboard standings were:

Posted Image196
Posted Image 162
Posted Image 134
Posted Image 112
Posted Image 73
Posted Image 71
Posted Image 67
Posted Image 45
Posted Image 44
Posted Image 41
Posted Image 29
Posted Image 14

The X360 Leaderboard found a no-contest final round winner, with YourOwnInsanity (Baggy) collecting honours.

Posted Image95
Posted Image 47
Posted Image 26
Posted Image 20
Posted Image 6
Posted Image 6

On behalf of Josh, Nachos and myself, we’d like to congratulate Baggy and Moops for a job well done and hope to get better prizes and a larger turnout next year.

Speaking of prizes, below is the prize pack for the winners which will be divvied up by PSIress and SnakeAus and distributed at their discretion. The pack includes a Darksiders hoodie and figurine, limited edition Street Fighter IV Ken and Crimson Viper figures, NBA2K11 t-shirt, RAGE t-shirt, Duke Nukem t-shirt and belt buckle, Mafia II key ring and limited edition Zippo and about fifteen or so games.

Want to get amongst it? Well you’ve got to be in it to win it, and we hope the DLC-Crew Leaderboard matches will be back bigger and better than ever in 2011.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    Sweeeet! So…anyone wanna give me a 360? >_>

  • Dawg

    Gawddammit now I wish I’d played. Coulda taken Todd easy.

  • Anonymous

    congrats guys!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks guys…was Naughty Bear Nacho’s idea?
    MooPoo…you take all the ps3 games and figurines and most of the clothing, all i ask for is the Duke Nukem shirt and belt buckle so i may wear them proudly to celebrate his triumphant return…
    Also PoP, Singularity, Castlevania (if thats it under metro) and Kayne and Lynch, rest is yours…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t recall you beating me… :P

  • Anonymous

    prizes are to be divvied up

  • Anonymous

    I am aware, lemme tease Baggy. :P

  • Anonymous

    lol ok, check your pm’s on forums by the way.

  • Anonymous

    You dont even try anymore *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    I also want Dave, Nathan and Josh to sign my Kayne and Lynch, with a marker pen….not bodily fluid ta.

  • Snake

    Congrats guys. Thanks to everyone for showing up over the year to make it an enjoyable comp to both run and and play in. A huge thanks to Dave, Josh and Nathan for supporting us and providing the awesome prizes

  • Anonymous

    Well done guys ;)

  • Anonymous

    really appreciate it guys! Sorry I went mia for a bit.