News: Bulletstorm’s ‘Epic Edition’ gets you Gears 3 beta access

Now that the major gaming releases for 2010 have bit the dust, it’s time to look forward to the new year. Last year saw many developers ducking and covering, or more simply getting the hell out of the way of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to give themselves a fighting fiscal chance. February 2010 suddenly came to life with releases like Mass Effect 2 turning the usual dead zone into a hive of activity. With Dead Space 2, Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm all hitting shelves in February, the beginning of the year is kicking of with some serious heavy hitters, and EA just took it up a notch.

Not only will the newly announced ‘Epic Edition’ of Bulletstorm (available February 24th at $109.95RRP) give you an early boost to your multi-player experience, including 25,000 XP right out the gate, visual upgrades for the iconic leash and the deadly Peace Maker Carbine (with matching boots and armour – you gots to accessorise after all), but Xbox 360 owners will get the added bonus of gaining access to the Gear of War 3 multi-player beta!

If you’re a multiple console owner, EA and Epic Games just made the choice of which platform to grab it on a helluva lot easier. The harder choice will be which shooter to devote your time to towards February’s end.

While you’re trying to solve that Da Vinci Code, take a time out and watch this new developer diary for Bulletstorm. They’re totally backing themselves, and you’ve got to dig any producer who claims that their title will kick you in the face with awesome.

In the words of lead character, Grayson Hunt “Hey dick-tits, this game ain’t gonna pre-order itself!”, so what are you waiting for?

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