Video: NFS Hot Pursuit gives you a free Turtle wax with no Drama

It’s been one helluva long time since we gave a crap about the Need for Speed franchise. It seems to have always played second fiddle to Burnout, well in my opinion it has anyways. That’s all about to change with Criteron now at the helm of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. With its relaunch imminent, we’ve gotta tell you, we’ve had the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal on this bad boy and it captures all the best qualities of both franchises and adds a high level of  interactivity with your mates too boot.

It’s all about one upmanship and bragging rights, but that’s just buy the by. With EA’s desire to rebrand the franchise, they’ve enlisted so A-list talent in the form of Entourage’s Turtle and Johnny Drama for it’s ad campaign. In the last week three awesome trailers dropped and we had to bring them to your attention. Personally I would have preferred Ari Gold just abusing gamers until they caved and bought the game, but hey, you can’t have everything now, can you?

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Dave Kozicki

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