Video: Hit the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Bad Company 2: Vietnam

Anyone who’s regularly checked out the website or watched or listened to the podcast would be aware that I’m slightly enamored with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Ok, that may be understating it a little. after investing nearly 230 hours into the PS3 version alone I can safely say I’m an addict. It promotes, for the most part, team based play, has destructible environments that cancel out (again, for the most part) camping sniper douchebags and offers a far more complete experience that other such shooters, yes I’m looking at you Modern Warfare 2. But now there’s even more to love with the impending expansion pack taking the action to a whole new level and location.

As the latest developer diary shows, the new arena is Vietnam, with a series of chronologically accurate weaponry, new maps and an emphasis on close quarters combat, I simply can’t wait to get this bad boy. With no local release date confirmed, other than by the end of the year, stay tuned as you can be sure as soon as I know when it’s coming, you will too…

For the moment, enjoy this delve behind the scenes and get geared up for a trip back to Da Nang before the year’s out.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll be aiming for you ko-zee-ii.

  • Anonymous

    Me wantz it now. Aside from a few minor fixes, the last big ass patch was for the VIP map pack 7 and Vietnam expansion. I predict we will see it in the next few weeks.

  • Anonymous

    …and I’ll be lining up “The McConaughey” on you as you do

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to get this.

  • Guin564

    This will be awesome