Snake’s Update: Leaderboard wrap up

With the year drawing the a close, so too is the DLC Crew leaderboard comp. Saturday the 23rd October saw the second last round played out, with previous leader Sidawg letting the rest of the DLC Crew play catch-up. Only a fearless foursome were able to make it on the night, so we form a squad and rained down a world of hurt on the opposing side. Our squad consisted of Moopidoo, Adin, Snake and our virgin BFBC2 player Skaterguy. This was Skaterguy’s first comp round this year having only recently acquiring Bad Company 2 (he was only a level 3 on the night).

With only a solitary crew squad, the action was thick and fast. [Sorry guys, I promise to have a significantly more visible presence next year – kozeeii] As the other “public players” often just sat on the outside and sniped like little bitches, the four of us always found ourselves mixing it up right in the middle of the action. At one stage it seemed it was only the four of us on the team, though the lack of support from the rest of the team didn’t impact our fun, as always.

At the end of the night the scores shaped up like this:

Moop 18
SkaterGuy 14
Adin 11
Snake 11

The Leaderboard can be found here…

With Sidawg taking a night off and risking the championship title,  Moopidoo is currently 9 points in the lead. Can Sidawg reign Moop in and keep hold of the title or will the Moops begin a new chapter as the DLC Crew’s latest champion?

Be sure to check out the final round of the comp on Saturday the 27th of November.

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