Review: We get shaken and turd with Blood Stone 007

It’s become fairly obvious that if you’re part of the James Bond movie franchise, and you’re ripe for a video game adaptation, unless you’ve got GoldenEye in the title, you’re shit out of luck. Bizarre Creations shows that while it may know its way around a steering wheel, it doesn’t follow suit with a Walther PPK. Knocking out campaigns of both Blood Stone 007 and GoldenEye007 back to back made the choice of which title to revere simple. GoldenEye007 is the Sean Connery of Bond releases, while Blood Stone 007 is a weird mash up of the worst aspects of Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby.

I genuinely wanted to give it a chance, and played through it trying to keep an open mind, but it is a perfectly forgettable generic title, at best. Here’s a tease from my GameArena review.

“The action is incredibly repetitive as you negotiate your way through six allegedly glamorous locations. Modelled on your typical cover based third person shooter, this is a bland reworking of what’s been stock standard (and done better) in the Gears of War or Uncharted franchises. Bond slips from cover to cover as he engages a handful of enemy types using fewer weapons than seen in a Commando montage. Nothing in your arsenal screams cool, and most of the ballistic weapons feel a much of a muchness eliciting a “meh” in response.”

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