Review: Vanquish

When you’re this close to the big day that inspires the Silly Season you can bet on one thing: game publishers are going to be throwing all sorts of games at us to try and garner our divided attention. We’ve had a slew of solid titles released in this final countdown towards 2011, but one that may have slipped through the cracks is the fast-paced Gears of War-ish third-person shooter, Vanquish. For those who bought the latest edition of Australian 360 (seriously, if you haven’t already, go out and buy it), you’ll have already read my one-page thoughts on the game.

For those who haven’t had a chance yet (note my confidence) to buy the magazine, I wrote up another review for AusGamers (check out last week’s show here to see a special guest appearance by Steve Farrelly of AusGamers fame) that you can check out below.

“What I’m getting at here is the frustration and disappointment I’ve had recently with third-person shooters—Kane & Lynch 2 springs to mind—that only half mimic the control mechanics of a system that has proven it works. The good news for Vanquish is that it sticks a lot closer to the Gears of War control/cover system, which works really well for the most part. It’s only when it tries to step away that it becomes frustrating. There are the simple factors such as having to use an extra button to vault over cover, instead of a single all-inclusive cover/vault button, and then there are bigger no-no’s such as the lack of blind fire.”

For the full version of the review, jump through the link here.

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