Review: The Last Exorcism will not be the last exorcism film

Just when you thought it was safe to head off to the cinemas to see a horror film that hasn’t been shot on a handheld camera on a lower budget, all the while professing to be the grittiest and scariest thing since that one kid who actually remembers being born the natural way… well, you get the idea. It’s clearly not safe to do this otherwise that first sentence would be moot. The Last Exorcism is an Eli Roth-championed faux-documentary that takes a look at a sketchy minister’s last-ditched effort at making a bit of coin and exposing the dangers of theatric exorcisms.The film was kinda light on scares and you may wish to avoid watching the trailer if you have any interest in watching the film (in true Hollywood style, the trailer misrepresents the shit out of the film), but although hardly revolutionary as a horror film, it still made for some interesting viewing.

“JUST as the mostly gimmicky nature of 3D begins to, thankfully, lose its appeal, it seems that we have now entered a time of low-budget ‘edgy’ horror films that claim to provide genuine scares without an overreliance on special effects. On paper that sounds fantastic, but as the Paranormal Activity-style movies of late are showing us, there are times when low budget equates to cinema-goers only getting what they paid for.”

To read the rest of my review, follow this link to the Australian Penthouse website, which is most definitely not safe for work.

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