Review: Stackhouse gets back to his Aussie roots in Red Hill

With so many Aussies taking Hollywood by storm, both on the big screen and idiot box, it’s great to see some remembering where they came from and supporting the local industry. Ryan Kwanten, best known for his extremely likable portrayal of the dimwitted Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s fangtastic series True Blood, heads to the outback in the independently funded flick, Red Hill. Embarking down the same road independent filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith did with El Mariachi and Clerks, Patrick Hughes’ first foray into feature films is entertaining to say the least.

Starring an impressive Australian cast, and drawing cues from iconic local films as The Man From Snowy River, it tells a simple tale of revenge with a decent little twist, and even the story behind the film itself is captivating.

“First time filmmaker Patrick Hughes is cut from the same cloth as guerrilla directors Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez, coming up with a solid concept for his debut feature. After getting knocked back repeatedly and finding no support or funding from the government, he raised the capital himself to shoot this passion project. Even the second-hand film stock was begged and borrowed, sourced from short ends of Entourage Season 5 and the most recent Fast and Furious film! After showcasing Red Hill at the Berlin Film Festival, with no distributor attached, the project gained momentum and was picked up by Sony.”

If you want a departure from the usual Australian film drivel, go check this flick out, and while you’re at it, read the rest of my review found by clicking through to the NSFW link here…

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