Review: Rattle the rim with NBA Jam

With reboots cropping up every 13.47268 seconds according to a survey I made up for this article, it’s easy to discount the majority as simple HD remakes, and fluffer. Yet some just resonate within, grab you by your short and curlies and whisper, hold on and enjoy the ride. When I first heard of the remake of the much loved NBA Jam, my initial reaction was along the lines of “FUCK! How will they stuff it up and besmirch my precious arcade memories?” But I was wrong. Dead wrong. This remake is the dog’s bollocks, and here’s why.

Not only has EA Canada got the balance just right, they’ve incorporated the Wii-mote’s functionality to help you dunkify in your opponents face! Here’s a bite-sized morsel of my GameArena review.

“Many of you whippersnappers may not know this, but there was a time, not so long ago (back in 1993) when you actually had to leave the house to play games. True story. There were these things call Video Arcades, and you’d head off to these on the weekends (or maybe if you decided to jig school) with pockets filled with twenty cent coins to get that gaming fix.

Leading the pack were basketball inspired titles, and two reigned supreme, Arch Rivals and NBA Jam. Whilst Arch Rivals focused on the lighter side of play, with non-licensed players, and comical situations, NBA Jam, while still irreverent, had iconic stars and a loose grasp on the rules and regulations… OK, very loose grasp.”

To get a gander at the full review, go here…

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