Review: NFS: Hot Pursuit has (speeding) fine written all over it

This week, most gamers’ eyes are set firmly on the graphically endowed simulation extravaganza, Gran Turismo 5. You know what? I couldn’t give two shits about it. Scratch that. I couldn’t even give “a” shit about it. I prefer my racing experiences a little more fast and furious, and for lack of better words “a quarter mile at a time”. Hence I have summarily ignored GT5 in favour of a far superior revamp of a long-time favourite, yet recently disappointing franchise, Need for Speed, and in particular Criterion Game’s reinterpretation of Hot Pursuit.

Criterion is giving you the best of both worlds bringing Burnout sensibilities to this pedal to the metal series, with intense evasion, exotic smashing action and enough Nitrous Oxide to make even R. Lee Ermey crack a smile.

“Let me start by saying this is one gorgeous looking game. Every single thing about it is slick and highly polished. From the atmospheric lighting effects, to the crystal clear draw distance, right down to the glass and metal fragments that litter the road after every single crash, EMP burst or road block. From the car showroom floor to the first time you hit the asphalt, it’s all glitz and glamour, especially with the inclusion of fully licensed vehicles, a first for Need for Speed.”

Would you like to know more? Sure you do, so click on through to my full GameArena review here…

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