Review: Suit up with Megamind

Considering the strength of Will Ferrell’s last endeavour, the hour and a half long bowel movement known as The Other Guys, I had a fair amount of preconceived notions about this animated feature. I thought Ferrell would go over the top, the story would be nonsensical, the 3D laughable, the animation adequate and that I may get a laugh every now and again. I was wrong, in just about every aspect. The visuals are tight, the performances restrained, the 3D is bang on and I literally laughed my balls off. Sure I was right about story, but you can’t have it all now, can you?

Dreamworks Pictures is continuing its tradition of bucking the Pixar trend and going its own way, and the films it’s producing are right on the money. Have a glance at my exert from this review.

“Taking the well-known Superman mythos, Megamind tells the tale of two alien babies, whose destinies are intertwined when a Black Hole destroys both their home planets. Like-minded parents placed both infants in escape pods with a solitary destination in mind, Earth. For one of the children, a life of wealth, opulence and heroism awaits. The other, landing inside the walls of a State Penitentiary, seems destined for a life of crime. So from this tender age the roles have been cast and the stage is now set.”

Would you like to know more? Click through to the NSFW link here…

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