Preview: Alien Anthology is about to burst forth on Blu-ray

Earlier this week, the esteemed Sir Nachos Justice (not ever to be confused with the non existent entity ‘Nacho’) had the opportunity to get a gander at the impending release of the Alien Anthology on the sextacular Blu-ray format. After he wiped himself clean from the obvious nerdgasm that erupted in his pants, he took a moment to do a wee write-up on this special features heavy edition, as well as securing some awesome goodies. The capper being a “Want a hug?” t-shirt, with a face-hugger on the underside for when you wrap it around your noggin after scoring a goal/touchdown/try.

To get a taste of the unbridled Nachos read the sample below and then click through the (NSFW) link here.

“For more than a year Fox has been hard at work converting its most successful sci-fi franchise to the delights of Blu-ray. The Alien films have already had an impressive and comprehensive release on DVD, with the Alien Quadrilogy, but there is more on offer with the Alien Anthology Blu-ray release than improved sound and visuals.”

For more spicy Nachos check out his reviews of The Other Guys, The Expendables, and the all time classic Die Hard.

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