News: Movember – Donate and you just might save a mate

November is that time of year when our gaze is set towards the end of the year as the Festivus Season slowly approaches. There’s another reason why November is important to those of us with an X and Y chromosome. It heralds the beginning of “Movember“, a month long initiative directed at helping men out who suffer from depression and more debilitating conditions, like prostate cancer.  With so many charities out there to save the planet, dogs, cats, children and promoting awareness of breast cancer and the like, this is one of the few charities concerned with men’s health issues.

If you’ve checked out the show over the last week, you’ll notice that the DLC team of Josh, Dave and Nachos are all sporting different manner of mustaches to support this event. If you wish to donate, we have a Donation Tin on the right hand side of the page you’re on, and we’ll donate on your behalf, or you can do it directly clicking DLC Movember team page.

This is an extremely worthy cause, so please dig deep and help us bring attention to this situation.

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Dave Kozicki

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