News: How to unlock Dead Ops in Black Ops

As anyone who has given me a break in conversation would know, I’ve been carrying a not-so-well-hidden geek hard-on for Call of Duty: Black Ops ever since it was announced. After I got to play the competitive multiplayer in LA earlier this year, the pleat in my pants grew further. Now the game is finally upon us and I have begun delving into its glorious digital delights (for full thoughts, you’ll just have to wait until we review this bad boy on the show on the 23rd of November; hell, we’ve dedicated an entire show to it!), it’s time for me to make it easier for you to extend the game’s shelf life. No, I’m not talking about competitive multiplayer, but am referring to the ever-addictive Nazi Zombies mode. By default, players have access to one level, which is fairly groovy, and you can access a hilarious second level by completing the campaign on any difficulty above Easy (seriously, if you’re playing on Easy, you need to reevaluate your life). But, as the keen eyes among us may have noticed, there’s a third slot blacked out in the Zombies menu option. What the hell is that?

It’s an arcadey gem called Dead Ops, and it’s rather easy to unlock. At the main menu screen, simply look down with the right joystick/mouse to see Mason’s arms bound to a chair. If you’re playing on Xbox 360, alternate between pulling the left and right triggers in fast succession to break free of the binds. If you’re playing on PS3, alternate between pulling L1 and R1 in fast succession to break the binds. If you’re on PC, rapidly press Space to achieve the same result. Now, bear in mind that this works on the default control scheme, so for PS3/Xbox 360 folks, this applies to whatever controls you have bound to iron sights/scope and fire, respectively. For PC players, Space is the default button for jump, so mash that key. If you’re playing Black Ops on a Wii, go buy a real console. (Seriously though, I have no idea how to unlock it on the Wii or whether it’s included on that platform.)

Once you’re free you need to weave through the various items in the room until you reach the back corner (which was over your right shoulder when you were confined to the seat). Here you will find a computer that you can interact with. Type in the letters ‘doa’ (without the inverted commas) and press Enter. You’re now rewarded with a rather lengthy arcadey intro to Dead Ops! Better yet, the Dead Ops play mode is now active as the third option under the Zombies menu. Enjoy!

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