News: DLC hardens the fuck up with the Lt Colonel for Black Ops

As the premium release season draws to a close, with each distributor trying to get your Festivus dollars, each game launch is an event to be remembered. This Thursday we’re checking out all manner of exotics and custom rides coupled with a Big Boi concert to herald the launch of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, but last week we did something decidedly manlier. The military adviser for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Lieutenant Colonel Hank Keirsey infiltrated Bondi Beach with a solitary mission objective; to take DLC to the brink and break our spirit at Boot Camp.

As featured tonight on DLC-Live, here’s a taste of the hour long Boot Camp that Josh, Nachos and myself barely survived. We all walked away firm in the knowledge of one thing. Lt. Col. Keirsey is all that is man.

There will be a full wrap and longer video on next week’s show, which we’ll also drop on the site. Until then, enjoy this snap shot of the events that transpired that fateful day.

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