Video: Snoop Dizzle gets his Halo Rizzle on with LL Cool J

Ever wonder what would happen if a couple of old school rappers grabbed a Xbox360 controller, fired up their consoles and threw down? Well wonder no more! Watch in disbelief as they bring their expertise in lyricology to online smack talk to see who would come out on top in the ultimate contest, Halo Reach. If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a god damned laugh riot, as each guy ups the next to try and distract, and come out the victor. But it’s not just the two Hip-hop veterans who like to dish it out across XboxLive either.

Star of the TV show Chuck, Zachary Levi, gets a look in, with his decided lack of experience in the realms of shit-talking apparent, and hilarious. Keep your eyes peeled for a jaw dropping cameo at the end of the clip and prepare to laugh your balls off!

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Dave Kozicki

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