Video: Get a looksee at Black Ops single player

Ready to get a look at the rendered cut scenes that play out the campaign’s story, and tell us nothing we didn’t already know (instead of showing us some gameplay that we all want to see)? The last thing I saw that wasn’t multiplayer was the three seconds of demo footage against some Spetsnaz before jumping into a chopper section. It looks awesome, and I’ve always preferred Treyarch to Infinity Ward’s take on Call of Duty, but for fuck’s sake, let us see some in game bullet ballets, aye! Sigh… I know this argument will fall on deaf ears until launch, so until then check out the trailer below and ignore my insane ramblings.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    $10 its not longer than 5hours.

    A campaign last ten times longer than the multiplayer. A campaign should be the main focus of a game not the multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong I love multiplayer, but I’m sick and tired of company’s doing short ass and not really good single player campaigns and focusing everything on multiplayer.

  • Snake

    That would be true a while ago but most gamers now want more in the multiplayer. Since the speeds of the internet have increased from dial up speeds to ADSL and + for 90% of the gaming population the focus has be a move away from solely single player campaigns to that of playing co-op/competively with/against your friends.

    It also comes down to PC vs Console players. Most PC players expect long SP campaigns as they are used to installing games onto the the hdd from multiple discs and there for had the resouces for long SP games. Console until the new generation did not have hdd or larger disk capicities so therefore got use too the short sp games but games with a larger focus on MP. As a couple of maps extra doesn’t really take up a whole lot of disc space when maps are mainly draw from the SP maps.

    I now rarely finish SP games much prefering to play MP with mates. This is the vibe the Devs are probably getting so therefore the SP will probably get shorter and shorter and games like Warhawk that are MP only will become more common place