Video: Freddie W gets Metal Gear Solid in his sights

If you’ve even a passing interest in gaming culture (and clearly you do since you found us) you’d dig what Freddie W has been distributing via his YouTube channel over the past few months. Each week he graces us with a new video, each centering on a unique gaming inspired slant, whether it’s taking the piss out of Time Crisis, telling the story of the first Rocket Jump, or just capping fools like a pro, his stand out for extremely high production values and, I’ll be honest, have become one of the highlights of my week. Now, he’s taking it to the next level.

Running a campaign across YouTube, he’s asked his fans to send him the best hidden spots for a shootout around the United States and has embarked on a road trip to film at each location. He’s hinted that this is a dry run for a world tour. He’s got a keen eye for detail, loves his gaming and each takeout is slick all day.

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Dave Kozicki

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