Video: Break some balls as Joe gets his own mafioso adventure

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but there was something irresistible about Vito’s best mate from Mafia II, Joe Barbaro. He was a pig, a murderer, had a vicious temper when he got his booze on, loved cheap ladies and had a penchant for loud Hawaiian shirts that perfectly suited his demeanor. Cast these dispersions of character aside, he was a steadfast friend (when sober) and stood by Vito till the bitter end… of Mafia II. With the success of Jimmy’s Vendetta the downloadable content love keeps on coming from 2K Games with the announcement of Joe’s Adventures.

While Vito’s in the pen, it’s up to Joe to take care of Empire City and that means whacking a helluva lot of wiseguys. Get a taste for this new batch of DLC coming at ya on November 23rd.

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Dave Kozicki

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